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Richard D. Marks, Founder & President


Richard is the Founder/President of RDM Management Group, a training  company which focuses on professional development , sales, and leadership  training. The core of Richard’s practice is based on four key principles: Self-Discipline, Self-Confidence, Motivation, and Emotional Intelligence. These are the same four key principles which have allowed Richard to have a successful  30-year career in business.  Richard's corporate  experience  afforded him the opportunity to take on struggling teams and turn them into top performers. Richard is known for working within a business structure to identify communication gaps and roadblocks that impede the effectiveness of teams and individuals.

Richard is a Veteran of the United States Army, a professional speaker, as well as a performance business coach and trainer. Richard is also an established author of The Empowerment Series Volume I & II, a Motivational CD Series.

Richard currently serves on the Board of Directors for the North San Diego Business Chamber,  Council for Supplier Diversity, and  Miramar College Business Department Advisory Board . Richard is also a facilitator for REBOOT, a National Veterans Transition Service. Learnsoft  Consulting, Rady School of Management, and Government Training Center. 

​As the Founder and President of RDM Management Group, Richard D. Marks has over 30 years of successful sales and leadership experience. Prior to founding RDM Management Group, Richard spent 18 years as a highly regarded sales leader in the competitive wireless industry where he successfully implemented best practices to transform struggling sales teams to become top performers.   


Eleasa C. Marks, Co-Founder & Strategic Partner, Marketing, Editor, RDM Management Group

Eleasa is the Co-Founder of RDM Management Group, a professional sales consulting company which focuses on professional development while serving others. The core of RDM Management Group is based on four key principles: 

Self-Discipline, Self-Confidence, Motivation, and Emotional Intelligence.

These four key principles are the values which have allowed Eleasa to maintain her corporate business career.  Most recently, Eleasa has experience within the Telecommunications Industry with her roots in Real Estate.   Eleasa is a CA Licensed Realtor who has spent the last 20 years working as a Licensed Realtor in Texas as well as in California.  She has been afforded the opportunity to take on struggling Real Estate professionals and turn them into top performers. As a Real Estate professional, Eleasa has been awarded the Top Listing Agent, the Top Buyer’s Agent, as well as awarded Top 5% Licensed Realtor.  Additionally, Eleasa is known for working behind the scenes in the Administrative Industry to assist teams with identifying communication gaps and roadblocks that impede the effectiveness of their team as well as in their personal lives. 

Eleasa is a Veteran of the United States Army with more than 14 years of honorable service as a Traffic Management Coordinator (MOS:  88N).  With more than 20 years of working in the civilian sector, Eleasa continues to enjoy assisting clients and customers with achieving their maximum professional and personal abilities with her proven, successful leadership skills and experience. She is an accomplished yet eager and highly motivated corporate professional who - coupled with being a U.S. Army Veteran with more than 20 years of relative, exceptional, and proven experience in the civilian sector – provides high-level Management with Administrative and Real Estate knowledge and support, integrity, perseverance, and teamwork! 

Eleasa enjoys playing the central role in customer service by bringing a “Can-Do” attitude to the table, superior organizational and communication skills, as well as attention to detail to everything that she does. She enjoys working in a professional environment that values work-life balance.



Regina Schnell, Founder of Workplace Symphonies, Conflict Resolution Specialist

Regina Schnell is the founder of Workplace Symphonies. She is a certified mediator and a distinguished expert in the fields of workplace conflict resolution, human resources, and risk mitigation. With more than 20 years of experience working for large firms and organizations as an HR professional, she continues to help clients achieve individual and organizational excellence through comprehensive coaching, communication and conflict resolution services


Judy Corasaniti, Strategic Partner

My name is Judy Corasaniti and I am passionate about empowering others. I have a Masters in Business Administration and have spoken nationally at conferences, for non-profit organizations, businesses and retreats. I live in San Diego, CA.My goal is to provide inspiration and motivation to empower others, knowing your true identity is the core of moving forward.

​As a consultant, public speaker, strategist/integration coach
my passion is to help others become the best they can by identifying and utilizing their gifts, talents and abilities. Strategies for Success is a curriculum I have established that is adaptable to corporations, businesses, high schools and colleges to set you apart as a leader and give you practical tools to empower you both personally and professionally.​



Ron is the visionary and principle architect of the Council’s Diverse Business Development Center and Economic Empowerment Zone initiatives. The Center provides valuable support and resources to help women-owned, minority-owned, service disabled veteran-owned and other diverse businesses to optimize opportunities that help build and expand their enterprises. The Center’s conference and training facilities serve as a place of collaboration for DBEs and larger member corporations to work together for success. He is also leading a new economic empowerment initiative mobilizing the diverse business community to leverage supplier diversity and drive positive economic impact in underserved communities. Previously Ron was founder and CEO of PPI, a performance consulting firm, where he distinguished himself as an effective performance strategist. His broad background in executive management, sales, distribution, operations and human resources provides a unique combination of experience and competency when it comes to improving strategy. His clients included First Franklin Financial, Bose, Southeast Toyota, among others.

Dr. Alessandra Wall is a licensed clinical psychologist, executive coach, engaging speaker,
and foun


Dr. Alessandra Wall is a licensed clinical psychologist, executive coach, engaging speaker,  and founder and CEO of Life in Focus Coaching Inc.

She specializes in helping smart, professional women find their voices, show up more confidently, and do more of what’s right for them. She is frequently invited to speak on the culture of communication, bridging the gender and generation gap, and thriving under stress. Dr. Wall brings years of practical experience, academic and clinical training, and a no-nonsense approach to her speaking engagements. She is known to marry science with practical advice and offer true expertise with an easygoing and relatable delivery. Her mission is to advocate for and act as an ally for women in the workplace who want to be seen and heard, and support the companies striving to retain them and foster an inclusive environment. Her latest project, In Her Shoes, is a global effort to create a narrative around celebrating and understanding what it means to be a woman in the 21st century. Dr. Wall received her Bachelors of Arts in psychology (Cum Laude) from Duke University and her Doctorate of Philosophy in clinical psychology from the University of Texas Southwestern

Medical Center. She is currently licensed by and in good standing with the California Board of Psychology. She is a co-founder and former board chair of 

Empower Charter School in San Diego. 

Expertise in… women | communication | burnout + stress management | Anxiety | gender + generation bias | self-care | career + life satisfaction


Charlene Magbanua


Charlene Magbanua is a charismatic business professional with 15 years of  sales, sales training, direct marketing, leadership development, and recruiting  experience. An entrepreneur at 19 years old she fell in love with the freedom and creativity of entrepreneurship  and business. With a focus on exceptional customer service her core values lie in creating high morale, positive, and long term authentic client relationships. She believes that personal development is an essential necessity to long term evolving and thriving success.   

With a consistent track record as a top producer and revenue generator in all markets, Charlene has consulted, lead, and trained direct sales teams in various categories of business. Expertise include mindset training's, vision casting, customer acquisition, the basics of lead generation, enrollment, customer retention, and mastering referrals. Charlene loves to stay in service to the community. Her passion is to support people in transformation and empower them to live a life of purpose.


Michael Jenkins, MA, CMEC

Update Michael Jenkins profile: Michael Jenkins is the president and founder of Productive Change Management – for entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, managers and professionals seeking growth, to perform better and to lead and manage change individually and organizationally. Michael is a Certified Mastermind Executive Coach and a Certified Practitioner of The ChangeWorks® System. He has more than 30 years business experience that includes business ownership, leading, directing, and consulting on organizational team development. 


Peggy Jucha, Director of Sales & Marketing, Hannon Books, Inc.


Peggy Jucha is an experienced corporate executive and entrepreneur with a penchant for generating results through customer acquisition and retention, as well as improved operations efficiency resulting from well-managed teams. As a 27-year executive in both sales and operations at Fortune 50 corporations in the telecom and finance industries (AT&T, Verizon Wireless, General Electric), Peggy understands that growing a company beyond where it stands today requires more than innovative products and services, or loyal customers, or even marketing and branding. It also requires positive interworking and coordination among its internal customers. 

In addition to her corporate background, Peggy has 12 years of entrepreneurial experience, having co-owned five companies. She has served on the boards of 11 regional chambers of commerce, for-profit and nonprofit corporations and business associations. Peggy has a Bachelor of Science in Management from Cal State University.

Joining RDM Management Group was a clear decision for Peggy. In the words, “When you have the chance to be part of a company that is innovative, inceptive, and beneficial…. do it.”


Bridget Randall, Strategic Partner

Hands-on experiential activities are what sets Bridget's talent development apart from the rest. She provides tools to navigate change management and targets developing strong teams. Her unique style focuses on improving communication to strengthen interpersonal relationships, resolve conflict and set the bar high for team morale. As a result, teams move forward and achieve their goals. 

Recognized for her ability to tap into an individual's leadership potential, Bridget brings enthusiasm and engagement to the learning environment. She has been recognized for her utilization of the ADDIE adult learning theory model including developing curriculum, facilitation workshops and creating job aids. Her workshops include: Write to be Remembered and Acing the Interview. Her training experience spans Southern California, Central Africa, West Africa and Southern China where she has coached adult and youth learners in for-profit and non-governmental organizations.


Christopher Waters, Consultant

Christopher Waters brings over 25 years of experience from the investment management industry in areas of Relationship Management and Business Development.  A leader in product awareness and asset raising  in both domestic and international markets.

Mr. Waters brings a track record of working with C-Suite as well as key decision makers  providing guidance on various areas such as product expansion, product development and marketing strategies.

As a consultant to RDM Management Group, Mr. Waters will assist in facilitating adoption of products and services as well as identify marketing opportunities and brand awareness.  Additionally, Waters may be called upon for speaking engagements and corporate presentations.