RDM MANAGEMENT GROUP is a Veteran owned San Diego based, professional training company specializing in the areas of Interpersonal Skills, Leadership Development, Sales and Customer Service Training. RDM Management Group focuses on four key characteristics: Self-Confidence, Self-Discipline, Emotional Intelligence, & Motivation

Available Courses 

Active Listening - Listening skills impact a company’s interaction with customers and other business units. In a business organization, listening is key to effective working relationships among employees and between management and staff. Active listening builds trust and establishes rapport. (1/2 Day Course)

Change Management for Leaders - Good leaders have always been expected to be able to solve new problems, capitalize on new opportunities and navigate through the ever-changing landscape of business. Leadership is a complex process by which the leader influences others to perform and achieve. The leadership attributes – belief, values, ethics, character, knowledge and skills – are all traits, which can be learned. This course provides the basis for understanding what leadership is and what leaders do to successfully lead a change initiative. (1 Day Course)

Coaching, Counseling & Mentoring - This workshop explores the core skills and attitudes needed by managers in providing support for growth and performance. It defines the requirements of a person-centered approach to building a learning team and allows you to practice the skills a successful Coach, Counselor and Mentor needs. (1 Day Course)

Communicating Strategically - In this course, students will explore how to communicate more effectively with others using strategic-thinking practices, which include thinking conceptually, imaginatively, systematically, and opportunistically. 

(1 Day Course) 

Conflict Resolution - Conflict resolution is a way for two or more parties to find a peaceful solution to a disagreement among them. Conflict is normal, and even healthy, when communicated in an assertive manor. Students will practice listening to understand opposed to listening to reply and how to communicate effectively.  

(1 Day Course)

Customer Service Excellence - As a provider of customer service in your field, you need to interact with customers to address their concerns. To do this effectively, you need to develop skills that will help you interact with customers in a positive and professional manner. (1 Day Course)


Delegating vs Dumping - Delegation, what does it mean to you as a business professional? Do you feel like you are an expert, or can you always improve how you delegate to your team members? The synonyms for delegation are entrusting, giving, and transference. There is both an art and science to proper delegation. In the course participants will learn the difference between Delegating and Dumping. (1/2 Day Course)

Developing People Skills and Team Development - Psychologists have proven that the most important factor in your success and well-being is not your intelligence, education or physical assets, but how effective you are with people. Learn techniques to improve communication and relationship building skills, enhance professionalism, increase confidence in a variety of business situations and understand your team dynamics. Successful teams know how to effectively take individual talents and put them together to accomplish common goals. This course will help students understand their own communication style and how to adjust their style to fit the needs of others. It will help identify team purpose, maximize strengths and create a more productive team environment (2 Day Course)


Diversity Training - Having a diverse workforce and training everyone in an organization to appreciate and embrace diversity can help set a business apart from its competition. The consequences for organizations that lag in addressing issues of diversity are high: missed opportunities, customer and client complaints, and service-delivery problems. This onsite training program explores the challenges that arise from diversity, issues that surface in diverse workgroups, and methods for handling conflict. (1 Day Course)

Emotional Intelligence - Our ability to deal effectively with our emotions in the workplace is critical to our success as managers and service providers. As the pace of the world increases and our environment makes more and more demands on our cognitive, emotional and physical resources, Emotional Intelligence is increasingly critical as a skill set. Emotional Intelligence strategies combine with native intelligence increase our ability to successfully manage the constant challenges from customers and our business associates. Through skill building exercises, and group discussion, this one-day course will provide you with the opportunity to identify your own challenges in maintaining positive environments and collaborative relationships as well as overcoming resistance and negativity.

(1 Day Course)

From Strategic Plans to Tactical Execution - This course is designed for managers who are tasked with taking the strategic plans of an organization and its leaders and creating operational, performance-oriented plans to execute. (1 Day Course)

Getting it all Done on a Multi-Task World “Time Management Course”- In the business world, multitasking is a must-have skill for any employee, yet most workers feel they are being asked to do too many tasks. Why do we see this disconnect between the workday realities and the workers’ perception? This is because people have never learned exactly how to multitask since multitasking is a learned skill. This course will train participants for multitasking resulting in a dramatic reduction in workday stress and an increase in productivity. (1 Day Course)

Having Meaningful Forward Conversations – Having Effective Conversations in today’s workplace are essential to organizational productivity and successful organizational objectives. Having Better Conversations Everyday focuses on four critical skills important to having effective conversations: Listening, Inquiry, Feedback and establishing effective Accountability in conversations (1 Day Course)

Innovation and Creativity Turning Ideas into Action- In this course, adult learners will expand their thinking from “what is” to “what if,” in order to develop strategies and practices that promote innovation. Blending information with activities and exercises, participants will roll up their sleeves and begin the process of innovative thinking, finding creative solutions and opportunities to move their organization forward.  (1 Day Course)

Leadership is a skills-based, practical training program designed to give your team leaders the process, tools, and leadership skills they need to empower team members, improve productivity, and increase the success of your team initiatives. 

· Achieving Exceptional Results

· Accountability & Responsibility 

· Business Acumen

· Building Trust

· Coaching, Counselling, and Mentoring 

· Conflict Resolution

· Delegating vs Dumping

· Difference Between Managing and Leading People

· Effective Communication

· Effective Leadership

· Emotional Intelligence

· Growth Mindset

· How to Lead with Soft Skills

· Incorporating HR 

· Innovation and Creativity 

· Interviewing Skills for Managers

· Inspecting What You Expect

· Leadership Execution

· Motivating Your Team

· Reactive Management vs Proactive Leadership

· Team Dynamics

· The Importance and IQ & EQ

· Time Management 

· Traits of a Leader 

(2 Day Course) 

Mastering the Interviewing Process - Take the next step. Market yourself to employers. Being a part of the competitive market, we live in today is tough. Avoid common interview mistakes to secure the job you want. Through our consultative approach, we teach you how to level the playing field, communicate confidence, ultimately improving your odds in winning your next career opportunity. 

(1 Day Course)

Networking the Power Tool – Over the years networking has proven to be one of the most effective ways in building business relationships. Yet many people find networking to be a difficult task. Our networking course devotes time in getting to know the real you and discovering why people like you. Successful networking is being comfortable in your own skin! Our course design challenges students to the best version of themselves, while building relationships one interaction a time. 

(1/2 Day Course)

Powerful Presentation Skills - This course develops a professional’s ability to effectively communicate in front of audiences in order to produce powerful presentations. This interactive workshop is designed to create a safe space for the students to discover the blocks and barriers that stop their full self-expression and clarity. Each day the students will learn new delivery tools and have the opportunity to practice their presentation in front of the audience (2 –Day Course)

Unconscious Bias - are social stereotypes about certain groups of people that individuals form outside their own conscious awareness. Everyone holds unconscious beliefs about various social and identity groups, and these biases stem from one’s tendency to organize social worlds by categorizing. Unconscious bias is far more prevalent than conscious prejudice and often incompatible with one’s conscious values. Certain scenarios can activate unconscious attitudes and beliefs. 

(1 Day Course)

Winning with People at Work - You will build effective work groups and win with people at work. This course is intended for managers, supervisors, team members, and team leaders in any type of company. 

Many people focus on other talents and abilities first- such as polishing their communication or leadership skills or taking courses to expand their base of knowledge- but they forget that good relationships are the foundation for achievement. Winning with People will provide you with the tools you need to immediately improve your existing relationships as well as cultivate strong, exciting, and new ones. Using a unique blend of interesting facts, statistics, humor, real-life examples, and questions for discussion, “Winning with People at Work” will show you how. 

(1 Day Course)


All Inclusive Quote - $5,000.00 per day

Investment Includes: 

· Training booklets 

· Certificates of Completion

· Evaluations

· Onsite Training at client’s location

· 1-30 Students

*Exceeding 30 Students, no problem. Please contact us!

*Inclusive quote does not include cost of training room 

*Inclusive quote does not include (airfare, rental car or hotel accommodation)


Coaching-after-Training – In order for training to be effective, participants will have to put into practice what they have learned during the training sessions. Too often, old habits resurface because the training highlights were left in the classroom. RDM Management Group encourages stakeholders to implement “Coaching-after-Training"  employees to help them implement and gage performances in order to improve results and protect their training investment. (Intervals of 30/60/90/120 Days)

Coaching-after-Training - $500.00 per hour

*Prices are subject to change.

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