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From launching new markets to speaking at graduations, our speeches are down to earth, realistic, and powerful. If you need someone to inspire your employees while implementing your company’s vision, then look no further. Our workshops and seminars will focus on motivating your employees by helping set goals and objectives to create a harmonious balance not only in the workplace, but all areas of life. 


Our holistic approach will allow us to enhance your natural ability while providing growth in needed areas of improvement. Our performance coaching can be done on an individual basis or in a group setting. By using a series of assessments we accurately determine what is essential for the betterment of your business. Want your sales people to be the best all around? Then this is the service for you! 

First Time Manager Training

Each day top performers are promoted  from individual contributors to managers.  They were able to execute their tasks favorably compared to their cohorts and now they have become the new boss. 

These brave souls are now in charge of the companies most valuable asset  "The Human Capital" without the proper  skills  or tools to maximize  performances. 

RDM Management Group  has developed a strategic  training curriculum,  to address  this business challange.


Whether you are between sales managers, or find yourself in need of a sales leader, we are here to help. We will personally perform the day-to-day functions of a sales manager including sales training, motivating employees, reviewing funnels, conducting sales meetings, evaluating sales teams, setting appointments and making presentations.


 If you are looking for a proficient sales professional or you are a business professional seeking employment in the arena of sales or customer service, then Talent Acquisition is the service for you! Working with all major industries we connect talented people with great companies. We aim to understand your business needs and find you a match that meets your requirements.

Transition from Manager to Leader

Explore the difference between a Manager and a Leader Teams. How to create a culture of creativity and innovation, engagement and collaboration, result centered and increased productivity, resulting into Highly Performance Teams.